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We enable smart events of the future

Using cutting-edge event technology, we enable event producers & promotors by giving them access to world-class tech paired with an experienced team. We support your team driving revenue but not relying on your customers.

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Our products

Via one simple platform, we enable a range of payments & operational tools that integrate with your existing ticketing platforms & accounting tools for a seamless experience.

Cashless RFID

RFID cards & wristbands loaded with prepaid credit for making payments. Online & on-site top-ups before, during & after your event.

Ticketing integration

Integrate your ticketing directly with our product to enabled RFID check-in on-site, either at the gates or via mailouts.

Access controls

Use RFID wristbands & cards to control site access for staff, vendors, guests & VIPs.

Brand campaigns

Integrate brands and their campaigns to increase sponsorship value & ROI.

Hybrid payments

Integrate existing digital wallets such as Apple & Google Pay, or even Visa & Mastercard cards.

Custom solutions

Get in touch with our team to find out more about how we can create a custom combo for you.

Who we work with...

Music & festivals

Music, food & cultural temporary venues and mobile infrastructures


Stadiums, arenas, fan zones, temporary & fixed infrastructures

Carnivals & fairs

Temporary event venues, mobile infrastructures

Nightclubs & bars

Permanent venues, event series

Conferences & Expos

Fixed venues, temporary events

Just about everywhere!

Mobile, Fixed, Temporary, Permanant


Increase revenue

Research has proven that cashless environments can increase revenue by as much as 40%

Reduce slippage

Eliminate cash management issues such as tstaff theft, miscounts, mis-charges or loss.

Streamline operations

Everything you need in one place. Integrate external solutions if required.

Increase speed

Serve more customers per hours with super fast service times - up to 80% faster speed-of-service!

Combat ticket fraud

Verify ticket validity and accountability with RFID integration to combat touts & illegal activity.

Increase sponsorships

With traceable ROI and digital media/social media integration for brands to access your customers.

Increase efficiency

Operational tools that mean no more long briefings for staff, and simplified services.

Real-time reports

Know exactly what’s going on in real-time with live visibility of transactions & interactions.


Don’t worry about down-times or connectivity issues with offline systems!

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Our approach

With over 35 years in the industry and a wealth of knowledge from both sides of operations, our bespoke packages are tailored specifically to your needs and event specifics.

We’re a driven and motivated team who want to work with you to achieve & exceed your revenue/operational ambitions.

Why Tapaygo?

By integrating our platform into your existing solution, you can offer new value for your clients, encouraging the sale of products, promotions & experiences, easily redeemed on site through the customers RFID credential.

Need more credit, no problem, guests can easily top up credit onsite.
Then once the event is over, guests can easily access any left over funds online.

Allow customers to make direct purchases through your own website, enabling them to conveniently buy their tickets to the event and purchase credit.

Utilise our world class wallet to allow customers to manage everything in one place. Buy credits, buy merch and incentives upgrades.

Gather valuable data to create highly effective and personalized business decisions. Utilise our brand intelligence wing of our business to use YOUR data better than ever before


Don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of our customers & partners have to say:

We're proud to be part of the global partner network

We’re partners with, the world’s first experiential product stack. This enables us to deliver market-leading products for our clients & outstanding experiences for their attendees.

For over a decade, have pioneered phygital experiences, bridging the gap between real-world & digital environments across a range of experiential industries. They’ve built plug-ins & tools for partners in the entertainment, hospitality & ticketing/bookings industries that enhance our products with market-defining, scalable features. Working with enables us to continuously evolve our product offer. This way, we can deliver the most current & leading technology available on the market.

In short, it means that we are able to integrate global tech that is proven to deliver. It has an outstanding track-record, implemented by more than 6 million unique users in 7000+ activations across the globe.

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